For any of you that may be checking out my pottery for the first time, I  work with a toasty stoneware, an intentional yet individualized form, and assorted northern landscape inspired glazes and designs. I fire to cone 5, a bit under 2200 degrees fahrenheit. All of my pots are food, microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe. I primarily make one a kind pots, however I also enjoy creating a commissioned dinner set.

I love to see the progression of a raw material to a functional object. It’s important to me to make something that people will physcially connect with and use. I strive to work steadily and directly so as to make my work affordable to more people, decrease the “preciousness” and increase the utility in a wabi sabi kind of way.

Please contact me with any questions at or by phone #207-717-8555.


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